It shouldn't be a difficult thing for Visual Studio to whip up a controller class for you, right? "Save me a few seconds of typing, won't you, VS old buddy? Why don't you drop a FooController.cs in that there folder!"

And VS promptly locks up. Hope you saved everything.

This guy has the explanation:

... and it basically comes down to the OS putting the "block" on files coming from "untrusted sources" like the Web or something (like, say, NuGet packages). When this happens to you, you do a "Properties > Unblock" on your download and you're good - but for whatever reason, this isn't something VS can pull off on it's own.

Check out the blog post for more details.

I'm of the opinion that the most effective (but not only) way to gauge a programmer's talent is the most obvious - look at what they've written. If a dev makes code available on GitHub or another code-sharing site, or contributes to an open source project, check out what they've written. The fact that they're putting code out there means that they have some confidence in their abilities, and if an open source project has ACCEPTED their contributions, you can feel pretty confident that they've got some skills.

(Quora thread)

(Found while looking for solution to a MSSQL linked server issue...)

"People!!! Can eat still what assumptions? I was worn out... select, update, delete works... And insert the pancake is not present!!!"

Technical forums - where auto-translation has to just throw its hands up in despair after a while.

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